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"Thwarting Gun Violence", An online course for school resource officers

Good morning,

In your capacity as the head of the school resource officer network for your State, I’m writing to share information about a novel course that will be start on June 17th through the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont. To promote cross-professional learning about schools we are keen to attract school resource officers and related school personnel into this course. This online course(3 Credit Hours) will be taught by Dr. Justin Garwood and is called Thwarting Gun Violence.

To entice out-of-state school resource officers and school practitioners to take this online course, we are offering a 30% discount in tuition from the regular academic year. Registration procedures are straightforward, and may be accessed here:

Participants will learn best practices and a novel relationship-building intervention strategy, content that would likely complement trainings offered through the NASRO national conference. The course is offered asynchronously, which allows participants to self-pace and complete their studies on their schedule. I’ve attached a flyer for more information, as well as copied in the instructor should you have additional questions about content, the online teaching format and schedule.

I hope this opportunity is attractive to you and your colleagues. I’m asking for your help in sharing this news with school resource officers in your network.

Thank you.


Kieran M. Killeen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Associate Dean, Graduate and Non-Degree Programming

309 Waterman Hall

College of Education and Social Services

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont  05405

Office Phone:  802-656-3250

Dean’s Office: 802-656-3424


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